Gillian Jacobs

Name:    Gillian Jacobs

Age Group:    28-38

Job:    Actress

Origin:    United States

Height:    ??

Measurents:    ??
Rule of 100:    0

Overall Rank:    127
Job Rank:    0
Age Group Rank:    0
Last Week Overall Rank:    127

Last Big Project

Community (2011)

Next Big Project

Let Go (2011)

Why We Like Her

On the first episode of Community, Ahbed tells Britta, played by Gillian, that she looks like a young Elizabeth Shue. Now I can't stop thinking that every time I look at her. Luckily I like Elizabeth Shue. And I like Gillian. We first saw the sexy blonde in the movie Choke where she played a stripper that really fell in love with one of her customers contrary to all known stripper logic. Now she's a Community lifer, because her an Alison Brie pretty much make up the eye candy of that show, and between the two of them that is enough reason to watch the show. And speaking of between the two of them. . . that's somewhere I'd like to be. Like right now. I want to go to there..