HD Weekly Picks against the Spread NFL Week 20

Only 3 more games and no one can catch Rex Banner.  However the dog still has  a shot so we will see how this all plays out


Hank Scorpio

Armin Tamzarian

Rex Banner


Santos L Halper

Season Record91-98 (.486)86-103 (.459)102-87 (.535)95-94 (.497)95-94 (.502)
Last Week Record1-31-33-13-12-2
Week Selections
Ravens @ Pats (-9.5)RavensRavensRavensPatsRavens
San Fran (-3.5) @ Atlanta49ersFalcons49ersFalconsFalcons

And in Case you are wondering for 2012


Cowboys        7-9

Texans            11-6

Aggies             8-5

Longhorns     6-7

at second place.  So lets see how this plays out.