HD Weekly Picks against the Spread NCAA Week 14/NFL Week 13

Well here we are at the virtual end of the college season and the make it or break it time for the pros.  And like many a pro team, there are a lot of guys here hovering around .500 who still think they have a shot at the title.  Lets take a look shall we…

Rex Banner -  (Contender) The man has owned the top spot for nearly the entire year.  He seems to want this title more than he wanted to take down the Beer Baron.  Right now it is his to lose.

Santos L. Halper – (Contender) This dog has been chasing Rex like he was a bunny on a dog track and staying within biting distance for the better part of the year.  One bad day from Rex, and it could be the year of the dog.

Todd – (Contender) You can’t count out last years champ.  I’m sure if it came down to it, he’s sacrifice his brother rod for this title.  Consistent.  but slow and steady wins the race.  Last year, he didn’t take the lead until mid season.

Hank Scorpio – (Pretender)   Sure he’s battled back from last place and an awful percentage and Looks close to catching Todd.  But that’s what evil genious overlords do.  And eventually someone knocks them down a peg.  Hank is like the Cowboys… May look promising for a while, but it the end he’s still a pile of suck.

Armin Tamzarian – (pretender) Speaking of Piles of suck… Its no wonder you were shot by your own men… maybe you should let the real Seymour Skinner have a shot at these picks.  The only man or dog still under .500,   Armin looks like a team who wants a first round draft pick.

Hank Scorpio

Armin Tamzarian

Rex Banner


Santos L Halper

Season Record64-61 (.512)60-65 (.480)75-50 (.600)66-59 (.528)70-55 (.560)
Last Week Record6-44-64-66-47-3
Week 1 Selections
Northern Illinois (-6.5) vs Kent StateKent St.Kent StKentNorthern IllinoisKent State
UCLA vs Stanford (-8.5)UCLAStanfordStanfordUCLAUCLA
Alabama (-7.5) vs GeorgiaBamaGeorgiaBamaGeorgiaGeorgia
Texas @ Kansas State (-10.5)TexasK-StateSipsTexasTexas
Nebraska (-2.5) vs WisconsinWisconsinWisconsinNebraskaNebraskaWisconsin
New Orleans @ Atlanta (-3.5)FalconsFalconsSaintsAintsSaints
Philly @ Dallas (-9.5)EaglesCowboysBoysEaglesEagles
Houston (-5.5) @ TennesseeTexansTexansTexansTitansTitans
Cincy (-1.5) @ San DiegoChargersBengalsChargersChargersChargers
NY Giants (-2.5) @ WashingtonGiantsGiantsSkinsDeadskinsRedskins

And in Case you are wondering for 2012


Cowboys        5-6

Texans            8-3

Aggies             7-5

Longhorns     6-6